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How to do your reading homework

We know that one of the best ways to get better in English is by reading a wide range of high quality literature. That’s why we have chosen set material for you to be reading at home each term. We feel it is very important for you to be reading outside of school for at least 30 minutes per day. We strongly feel that by doing this you will be able to improve all aspects of your English work and even get better in other subjects where you are expected to read and write an array of material.  

Click here for guidance on how to do your reading homework.


How to do your maths homework

Hegarty Maths is a website which includes videos and quizzes for the majority of the secondary maths curriculum. The videos ‘teach’ a topic area which then has a quiz which directly relates to the video to test student knowledge and marks the answers as they progress.

Click here to find a guide to using Hegarty Maths.


How to do your quizzing homework

We know the best way to learn new information is to quiz yourself on the information over time. That’s why we will be making sure you write yourselves quizzes for your homework so you can remember the information to GCSEs and beyond.

But before you start, see the guide below on how to complete your homework to ensure you get the most learning out of it.

Click here to find a guide to quizzing



How to Revise



Turn off mobile phone/leave with parent

Have mobile next to you on the table/desk. BIG distraction.

Silence is best (think of lessons when you are concentrating best!). But some of you will put music on…

If you find yourself singing along to the radio/ your music – turn it off. It is distracting you.

Write quizzes on the content – simple factual recall questions.

Copy out notes, from book or revision guide, or do spider diagrams – very low demand.

Revise for around half an hour at a time. You’ll probably need a break after this length of time (just 5 minutes! Time to check your phone…).

Keep going when you’ve stopped concentrating. You don’t learn the material unless you are thinking about it.

Revise the bits you find hardest first, when your concentration levels are at their best.

Highlight! Doesn’t make you think much, so achieves very little.

Get others to test you (e.g. parents), using your quiz and/or knowledge organiser. This will keep it fresh.

Read it over and over. You’ll retain very little this way.

Test yourself at least five times on each topic. And spread out your tests for the maximum effect.

Cram. Or even try to revise one topic in one day. Your retention will be much worse.

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