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Nova House System

Every pupil at Nova Hreod is part of the house system. On entry into Year 7, each pupil is placed into one of our four mixed-age houses and into a mixed-age house tutor group. They become part of the house family and the tie that they wear shows which house they belong to.

Each morning, pupils join their tutor group for roll call and registration and then for a 25-minute tutor session or an assembly. Each tutor group has approximately 25 pupils, with about five pupils from each of Years 7–11.

We believe that vertical tutoring promotes individual responsibility, enhances students’ confidence and encourages an environment of collaboration and teamwork. Our vertical tutoring system allows students to work together to develop tolerance, trust and empathy.  Younger students are helped, guided and inspired by older students.  Older students develop important leadership and social skills and school bullying is significantly reduced.

Support and guidance for students

Tutor groups are led by a Head of House and a team of tutors who work with parents and carers. They monitor progress, provide personal support, encourage high achievement and challenge underachievement. There is also a House Manager for each house who works with parents and carers when there are concerns about behaviour or attendance.


Our Houses

The house system is an important aspect of our pastoral care.  We have chosen the names of our houses to link with the name of our school – Nova Hreod. A ‘Nova’ is an explosion of a star in space so bright that it can outshine an entire galaxy. Our four houses are named after constellations and were chosen by our pupils in May 2018.         

We firmly believe that the sense of identity and belonging created through the house system allows all students and staff to play their part in making us an exceptional school.


Roll call

Roll call is an important part of our school day and takes place at 8.20am. Students line up in their tutor groups and this is where tutors take the registers and check uniform. Roll call is an opportunity for all our students to be in their community and strengthens the belonging and sense of community for our students. It also provides our students with personal contact with their Head of House and the whole tutor team, also allowing us to share any messages to students for the day and week ahead.

House Tutor programme


Orion and Pegasus will complete their epraise booklets on attendance and rewards. 

Aquila and Cygnus are in House assemblies.


there is no tutor session on Tuesday.


Aquila and Cygnus students will complete their Epraise booklets on attendance and rewards.

Orion and Pegasus are in House assemblies.


Aquila and Cygnus are in themed SLT assemblies.

Orion and Pegasus are engaging with the SMSC session for the week (theme of the week and current events of the week).


Orion and Pegasus are in themed SLT assemblies.

Aquila and Cygnus are engaging with the SMSC session for the week (theme of the week and current events of the week).


The reflection diary allows students to see and reflect on their previous week and activities, including their rewards in Epraise, attendance and participation within the Nova Hreod Pupil Charter.

SMSC/Them and Us programme

The tutor group SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) programme contains a weekly discussion session based around the news and current affairs as well as a programme called Them and Us.

Students share some reading, listening or viewing with their tutor, taking some thinking time to gather their thoughts and opinions.


At Nova Hreod we have two different types of assembly. The first is a House assembly where their Head of House reinforces the House vision, celebrates achievements of the students of the House and prepares them for upcoming competitions within the House championship. 

The second is a themed assembly delivered by Senior Leaders which maps the SMSC programme followed in tutor time, providing students with an opportunity to think and reflect about the wider world and gain an awareness of British Fundamental values. These assemblies also reinforce the schools DISC values of Drive, Integrity, Scholarship and Community.

House Championship and Competitions

The use of rewards and competition underpins the Nova Hreod Academy House system. It is our firm belief that through competition and reward at every level our students will strive to succeed and will reach their full potential.

The House championship is run throughout the academic year and is an opportunity for the four houses to compete against one another for Epraise reward points. The House with the highest number of Epraise points over the academic year wins the championship and receives its name on the celebration plaque in the school theatre.


Epraise reward points are given to our students for their achievements in their daily school life. For example, working hard in lessons, completing their homework, attending school 100% of the time, participating in our Super Nova enrichment programme, representing the school, being involved in House competitions, student leadership and doing well in their assessments.

Over the academic year we hold five key competitions in which the houses compete against one another for the right to be the best House in that competition.

House Competitions

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6

Voting takes
place for student leadership opportunities

Remembrance Day

Debating Competition University Challenge competition Times table challenge Sports Day



Aquila House

Cygnus House

Orion House

Pegasus House

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